Local Community Integration

Three Seeds not only provides employment to many locals, it also works in a close partnership with its local rainforest community, El Brujo de Rio Nuevo, especially by supporting a local women's groups and ecological education activities at the school and offering programs for the local school children on the farm.  Since 2004, it has also hosted dozens of volunteer groups to carry out or support projects from building public bathrooms in the town's community center and a home for a homeless family.

For example, in 2010 they helped start a local women's group that seeks to advance sustainable development of their community. To fund this work, they donated thousands of dollars of sewing supplies and training to local women so they could create a line of products to sell to neighbors, at the Three Seeds Gift Shop and at the farmer's market in San Isidro de El General   With the funds brought in through the quilted products and fundraising events, the women manage the community's recycling center, which was built with the seed funding and human resources Three Seeds and their partners also brought to them. For more photos, please visit our Arts & Crafts Cottage Industry Photo Gallery on Facebook.  

In 2008, they also brought in the funding and knowledge to build a school organic garden to provide farm-to-table ingredients for the school cafeteria. Many years later, this garden is still being used for educational and nutritional purposes. Before that, they donated over 

From 2006-2015, Three Seeds offered an after school program on their farm for the local school children to learn English through gardening, play and art.  This program was very successful and dozens of local children learned English and sustainable living practices thanks to their participation.  For more photos, please visit our Eco-Educational Program Gallery on Facebook.

In 2004, in partnership with Conexiones Institute, they hosted a group of volunteers to carry out an ecological-murals project with the local school. Since then, Three Seeds has hosted more than 40 volunteer groups to carry out a wide variety of projects to help the local community and homeless families, such as building bathrooms for the community center and building a home for a homeless single mother with 5 children.  

For more photos, please visit Our Community Photo Gallery on Facebook.