Hosts & Staff

Three Seeds all started because Tamara Newton & her family love to share their home, the rainforest, & their farming lifestyle with visitors to inspire natural and healthy living practices and environmental awareness to there visitors and community.  In the process, they preserve, evaluate and pass on indigenous knowledge and proven organic farming practices that are being lost or forgotten in today's modernizing world.  

Over the years, Thee Seeds has become a regional organic farm model for local farmers and students to learn about best practices related to organic food production in the tropics.  Local schools are frequent visitors.  Through strategic partnerships with a wildlife preserve next door, Buenaventura Rainforest Park, and Conexiones Institute, an experiential education organization, Three Seeds has created a unique experiences for groups, students and families looking to be immersed in the Costa Rican culture, the Spanish language, the rainforest, and/or its natural flavors.


Tamara Newton, Owner and Director: Tamara has lived in Costa Rica since 1999.  She was born in El Salvador and was raised in both California and Central America. She has a mixed heritage, with family roots in Costa Rica, the U.S. & Italy. She knew from a very young age that she wanted to grow her own food and set out to do it in the jungles of her father's country in her 30s. She was married to a local medicine man and farmer for many years and together, they transformed and (continue to nurture) old pasture lands into an oasis of food and nutrition.

Gerardo Saenz, Farm Manager: Gerardo is one of the first agricultural settlers in this area and a man of the rainforest and the roots of the land, through and through.  Gerardo has over 60 years experience growing his own food in one of the most remote areas of Costa Rica.  Gerardo was born, raised and spent most of his adult life deep in the rainforest with no electricity, relying on ancestral knowledge and strength of body to survive and raise a healthy family.  A master agriculturalists and medicine man with no formal academic training, Gerardo freely shares his knowledge of all the medicinal and culinary uses of wild and cultivated rainforest plants via special tours and workshops that he leads at Three Seeds.  

Kimberly Newton, Educator and Enrollment Assistant: Kimberly is Tamara's sister, neighbor and the co-owner of the farm's soccer field, gardens and a 30-acre old growth rainforest preserve used by Three Seeds.  She also is an educational advisor and helps Three Seeds produce family camps, Spanish immersion experiences, and educational materials.

Harlow "Salvador" Newton, Co-host and Partner: Harlow is Tamara's brother, neighbor and the owner of Buenaventura Rainforest Park, a 160+ protected area of rainforest where many of the educational and adventure activities take place, including the Los Mangos Rainforest Tent Camp where visitors can spend a night camping deep in the rainforest.  He also is the guide for many of our adventure activities.