Three Seeds Eco-Education Rainforest Camp: Summer Camp for Student Groups

                                                                           FOR SALE!
Three Seeds Eco-Education Rainforest Camp: Summer Camp for Student Groups: THREE SEEDS ECO-EDUCATION SUMMER CAMP FOR STUDENTS GROUPS!!   The Three Seeds Eco-Education Camp experience is all about o...

Experience Costa Rica through one of our 2019 Family, Students or Yoga Camps!!


                                             FOR SALE

Temporarily  Closed 

Imagine taking your kids to Costa Rica this summer and...
eating from a lush food rainforest, 
learning Spanish together,
planting and harvesting, 
making organic chocolate and cheese,
and much more!

If you are an individual, Group Leader or family that wishes to visit Three Seeds, you can only come during one of our special summer sessions. As we are already booked for the rest of the summer. If you wish to visit any other dates year round  Student, Families and Yoga groups of 4 or more can reserve any other dates year-round for their private retreat or camp.

2022 dates for Groups and Families:

 Session 1: June 24-27, 2019  (3 nights/4 days)

 Session 2: July 10-14, 2019  (4 nights/5 days)

 Session  3:  July 27- Aug 1, 2019 ( 5 nights/6 days)

Download our 2019 Family Summer Camp brochure by
For more information please visit our website:

Minimum Age: 3 years old
Max capacity is 18 so reserve your spots today!

Thank you for your interest we hope you can join one of our camps this summer of 2019!!