Three Seeds-USA - East Coast (N.J-N.Y- PA)

Three Seeds will be in the East Coast area starting August 2019.  

 Three Seeds has been in the United States raising funds for this amazing project in Costa Rica for the past 3 years now. 

Hi my name is Tamara Newton Founder-Owner of Three Seeds Farm-Camp in Costa Rica. I have been here since January 2017. I started in St. Louis now I'm expanding to other places in the U.S.A the East Coast. I'm certainly located in Bridgewater, N.J.  

I will be offering some of my cooking classes and dinners right here in the East Coast. Organic Cacao (Chocolate) class, Organic International cuisine Pop-up Dinners, Salvadorian Pupusas Class, Organic indoor/out door Gardening Class.  

 I will also be selling Organic Ground Turmeric, Organic Ground Cacao, Organic Cacao Nibs. Organic Homemade Brownies. All 100% Organic from Three Seeds organic farm.

Also Shopping Bags, Makeup Bags, Tortilla Warmers, Pot Holders, Table Mats and more. All of these products are made by the Women's group in our community to raise funds for our Recycling Center and Eco-Projects in our community.   I will only be here for a limited time. So if you haven't taken one of my classes or attended one of our amazing Costa Rican Dinners. Make your reservation now and join us for an unforgettable experience. Read the details below and send us an e-mail or call us for more information and to schedule a class. 


Listen up East Coast Friends,  I will be raising  funds to support my Project and Community at Three Seeds Camp-Organic Farm in El Brujo, Costa Rica. If you are interested in hosting a dinner or/and a class please contact me. Learn where and how Chocolate comes from and much more.  Learn more about my project in Costa Rica. 

Three Seeds is now a partner with RV Landscaping & Construction LLC & The Tree Guy Services LLC we work together to build you your dream Patio, Organic Garden & more.   
 - House Cleaning inside and outside. 
 -  Patios, walkways, Firepits, Cut Lawns, Planting trees, Pruning Trees, Mulch, Spring/Fall Clean-up.  Building organic gardens, Covered Greenhouse structures & more.) We will also keep your garden maintained & planted for you. Or take our Gardening class to learn how you can garden all year long. (Indoors)

If you would like to make a donation for Three Seeds project here is the GoFundMe link to do so. Thank you and please spread the word to others Thank you so much:

  So hurry and schedule a class or a  dinner soon. Or if you are interested in purchasing any of my products. Contact us. 

Products from Three Seeds Organic Farm Costa Rica For Sale.  Organic Ground Turmeric, Organic Ground cacao, Organic Cacao Nibs, Organic Homemade Brownies (Gluten-Free too)

 For Sale Sewing-Handmade items made by the Women in our community: Tote bags,Shopping bags, Makeup Bags, Hair Ties, Table Mats, Tortilla Warmers, Potholders, Earrings, Bracelets, Handmade belts and more. (Perfect for Christmas gifts) and at the same time you will be supporting our women's group and our recycling center in our community in Costa Rica. Thank you for your support.  

What we offer:
Organic Chocolate-Cacao Class:
Do you love Chocolate? How about Brownies? Learn how to make Organic Brownies from scratch from real organic cacao beans straight from Three Seeds Organic Farm in Costa Rica. Watch a slideshow about cacao. (How its grown and harvested). Then roast the cacao beans on the stove, after you will peel them while they are still warm. Then we will grind the cacao beans to make it into powder. We will then make the brownie mix. put them in the oven and then when they are done baking you get to eat them. Served with organic whole milk or almond milk  So yummy!! A must try...!!!!  ( you can make Gluten-Free brownies too, your choice of almond or rice flour) For this class all ingredients are organic.  

A fun class for all ages.
All ingredients included. 
Max 15  per class    
2 -2.5 hour class   
(we need a space with a kitchen to do the class (Stove & Oven) 


Salvadorian Pupusas Class:

If you have never tried these delicious Salvadorian Pupusas it's a must-try.  These are made with cornmeal and filled with either cheese, beans, pork or chicken. They are not fried in oil  and they are gluten-free.  The pupusas are served with a special tomato sauce and green cabbage, carrots, sweet peppers, red onion pickled in organic banana Vinagre  from Three Seeds farm. You will have fun making these and then enjoy eating them.  All you can eat. 
To drink coffee, tea, mixed fruit juice or your choice of beverage you would like to bring, Some Ingredients are organic bought at local store,  something you can make for your family and friends all year long. 


All ingredients included
15 p max
2.5 hour class

Costa Rican Traditional Pop-up Dinner:

This is one of the most favorites and famous foods of Costa Rica. (Arroz con Pollo) which means Rice with chicken mixed with green beans, carrots, onion, garlic, sweet peppers, sweet corn, cilantro, celery and oregano. This is served with organic refried black beans, a fresh mixed salad, corn chips, guacamole and for dessert organic homemade brownies.. to drink fresh lemonade or your choice of beverage you would like to bring.  homemade dressings and hot sauce.  Most ingredients are organic and some from Three seeds farm in Costa Rica  All you can Eat.          

Three Seeds Style Tacos Pop-up Dinner:

Do you love Tacos? These Tacos are extra delicious as the tortillas are made by hand.  Enjoy either Chicken, Pork or Beef your choice.  Served with all the taco toppings Refried black beans, rice, cheese, guacamole, salad bar, corn chips, homemade organic dressings and hot sauce. To drink Fresh lemonade or your choice of beverage you would like to bring.   For dessert organic homemade brownies. Most ingredientes are organic and some from Three Seeds farm in Costa Rica,   All you can eat. 

Example Menu of our Organic Taco Dinner
Menu for Three Seeds Organic Taco Dinner!
Organic Chicken and Pork  
Organic refried Black and Red Beans
Organic Fresh Cheese
Organic Sour Cream
Organic Dressings and Hot Sauce
Organic Toppings for Tacos
With Homemade Tortillas
Dessert: Homemade Organic Brownies
Natural Organic Fruit drink from Three Seeds Farm

(Note:  Three Seeds Cooking Classes and Dinners are made with Organic Ingredients.

Traditional Costa Rican Breakfast (Gallo Pinto)

This amazing traditional Costa Rican breakfast is delicious. You can eat this dish at any meal time.  Gallo Pinto is the rice and beans mixed together it's served with eggs (any style), Fried Plantains, cheese, sour cream and homemade fresh tortillas. Drinks vary for mornings: coffee, tea, hot chocolate or orange juice for afternoons-evening mixed fruit juice or your choice of beverage you like to bring. Very Yummy!! Most ingredients are organic and some from Three Seeds farm in Costa Rica.   

Combo Cooking Class/Pop-up Dinner

These combos we offer allows you to learn how to make one of our delicious foods and than enjoy a full meal afterwards. 

All Combos are $15-$50 p/p,  4 & younger Free (prices may vary)

Choose your Combo:

1. Make your own dessert organic Brownies, then enjoy our tradicional Rice with Chicken meal after you will eat the brownies that you just made. 

2. Make Salvadorian pupusas and than enjoy a full meal afterward. 

3. Make your own homemade tortillas and then enjoy eating tacos. 

Organic Gardening Classes:

Gardening isn't just planting a seed. There is much more to it. Not only do you grow your own food you know what you're eating. You are providing the best nutrition for your family and friends. And if that's not enough great news it's also Free Therapy. Yes, you heard me Free Therapy.  We all know nowadays how so many people are stressed, unhappy, depressed the list goes on and on. It also applies to children now.   While gardening has proven to be a soul and body healer in many ways. I can say from my experience gardening has healed me and continues too. Gardening is magical in every way. 
  • Learn to plant seeds, Transplant, make a garden bed, make compost, save seeds and more. 
  • Learn how you can garden Indoors in containers all year long. 
  • Learn how you can save money by reusing containers you have right in your recycling bin or around your home. 
  • Learn why it's so important to grow your own food and much more. 
  • Learn when is the best time of the month-phase of the moon to plant seeds,transplant,pull weeds & prune trees & plants. 
       $10- $25 p/p for all ages (prices may vary)
       15 p. max per class
       2 hours

For more information Contact Tamara Newton at 314-343-6678 (WhatsApp) or email at C.R # (506) 8512-0234 (WhatsApp)

For Information on our 2020 Summer Camps in Costa Rica for Groups and Families please visit 

Thank you for your interest and Have a wonderful day. Blessings!!